Why LinkedIn is Now More Important Than Your Resume? Top 3 Reasons!

  • Published on 03/05/2024

"Your LinkedIn profile is your

professional brand. Showcase your skills, experience, and education to stand

out in your industry." - Viveka von Rosen


You've been told LinkedIn is the powerful one, but really, is it? And if so, why? In

this subsection, we pay special attention to the networking platform.

Did you know that LinkedIn, the professional network of social media, has lasted

even up to a number of years as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram?

It has more than 600 million business accounts which is in fact the job

seekers’ greatest chance of network building and employment

tunneling. It’s not just a medium for networking, but also a dynamic space

where opportunities are both discovered and created.

This blog will explore three important reasons why maintaining an active and

compelling LinkedIn profile could be your most strategic career move yet,

especially for those in the competitive sales sector within Europe.

1. Build Your Brand.

Treat LinkedIn as your Real-Time portfolio. It’s common knowledge that LinkedIn is

used for networking and that you can make thousands of connections, but they

won’t be very useful until or unless you build your own identity through your


Your resume could be a single page with all the limited words, skills, work, etc.

you can add. However, you can use LinkedIn for the same purpose, but just in a

MUCH better way. Here are some of the tips on how you can create your brand on


Optimize Your Profile:

Include all the skill sets, your job experiences, and the training you have acquired

making the LinkedIn profile yours to the highest degree of professionalism and

quality. Post a photo that portrays you professionally, write a headline that

is most valuable, and describe yourself in the best way you know that explains

why you are different and a great catch.

Share Valuable Content:

Think about influencing your industry as a foremost or leading person by

incorporating recent and innovative posts on LinkedIn. Begin building

relationships by interacting with others' channels through liking, commenting,

and sharing to make your brand visible.

Build Your Network:

Get LinkedIn started by connecting to professionals related to your field; they may

be your colleagues, alumni, or industry influencers; it is highly possible to

have an impact on them. Personalize the profile-to-profile settings to enable

the formation of genuine friendships, this is while keeping your network


Showcase Your Achievements:

Visualize the "Experience" and "Projects" sections via the LinkedIn online page and highlight your successes and projects demonstration. Clearly showcase your performance because very often, recruiters look forward to hard evidence for the qualifications they prefer.

Engage Consistently:

Engage in conversations, participate in discussions, and also update your activities

to stay within the network. Join the specialized groups for conferences and

meetings with people who belong to the same or similar areas of interest as

you, and take part in the discussions with other members of the association.

Initiating the fact that you are getting the opportunity to connect with your

contact offers.

On top of that, this statement demonstrates to the companies in your industry how

committed you are to knowing not just what is trending but at the same time

what is going to happen next in the industry? 

Some Proofs

Here are some examples of people who have effectively built their brand identity on LinkedIn and are leveraging it more than a traditional resume or CV:

Shella Idrees, a LinkedIn Influencer and a Personal Branding Expert is also

regularly published on social media and is occasionally invited on webinars. Shella

Idriss excelled in the space of personal branding on LinkedIn by building on

her vast knowledge and experience as a Personal branding expert. She talks

about many helpful techniques and advancements that will help business owners

tap the waterfall of deals and push their way to the bottom of the sales



Jessalyn Arthur, ESADE Fellow and marketer in the digital world. She demonstrates her professionalism in the field of digital business and advertising using LinkedIn. She uses her stories and resumes to acquire the attention of her

followers by conveying her values, skills, and life experience.

2. Dynamic Job Search and Recruitment.


Utilization of LinkedIn by job seekers and employers takes away the stress and traditional

methods of finding jobs and provides direct interaction between the two. It’s

the opposite of the old method of passively submitting resumes and waiting is

empowering for professionals to directly get in touch with the managers and

companies. Rather than waiting for doors to open by themselves, LinkedIn highly

encourages proactive job search thus paving the way for career-driven


The role of recruiters is often adjusted to utilize LinkedIn for candidate search

as well as examining the best candidates among multiple applicants. They

utilize the channel to look for the professionals that fall in the specific

requirements, evaluate candidates based on the content of their profiles and

activity, and spot the probable hires by closely watching their relevant group

contributions in industry groups.

LinkedIn's algorithms exert a great influence in linking job applicants to the

vacancies that are suitable for them. It allows developers to identify profiles

and activities of the users to make recommendations to recruiters looking for

specific skills or qualifications.

Dynamic Job Search Tools

LinkedIn offers a suite of dynamic job search tools to empower job seekers. From

searching for opportunities by keywords and location to setting job alerts

based on career interests, LinkedIn provides a comprehensive platform for

staying informed about relevant job openings and industry trends. Premium

features further enhance job seekers' capabilities, offering insights into applicant

competitiveness and salary information.

Company Insights and Culture Fit

LinkedIn's company pages offer valuable insights into organizational culture and fit.

Companies regularly update their pages with company news, insights, and

employee showcases, providing job seekers with a glimpse into the company's

values and working environment before engaging in the interview process. This

transparency helps job seekers assess whether a company aligns with their

career aspirations and goals.

3. Rank Yourself With LinkedIn on Google!


While a resume lacks the virtual extension that the online platform LinkedIn

provides, the latter is a fluid and updatable environment where you can

frequently update your profile, share and engage in relevant content as well as

build interconnections.

Therefore, everything you add to your LinkedIn profile has the potential to be noticed by the algorithms of search engines, considering the information you add as current and relevant, which will cause the elevation of your profile in the search


The digital age that we are in, these days, having an online presence can largely

determine whether you will get any professional opportunity. Should you submit

your resume for a job or connect with a lead, you'll find that these

individuals will check your name online. So, Google your name and see for

yourself. It is so interesting that you end up on the first page of search

results if your profile is well-optimized.

The rank of your LinkedIn profile by Google on the first page is quite possible

because of LinkedIn's reputation. It clearly means that your organization's

representative page on LinkedIn could be the only first impression you might

get from a potential employer or client.

Now, the big question is: what should a person seek to do in order to get the best LinkedIn profile?

Let me give you an example.

Kezia Israel,

MBA, and specialist in local icons and verbal identity. A fellow colleague of

ForbesBLK, Kezia Israel, has prolifically established her presence on LinkedIn

as an identity strategist and a copywriter in particular. She is promoting the

necessity that the brand's reputation can be communicated through her LinkedIn

activity along with the content. On Kezia’s LinkedIn, she can network with

prospective clients and showcase a different mix of her core skills.


Here’s a TIP:

Use the Right Keywords: Make a list of smart keywords, which will highly ger search engine optimization and use them in the image alt text, image name,

description, headline text, and captions. 

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn's role surpasses that of a resume. In addition, it provides the opportunity for a continuous development of your business name. Then you will be able to use the platform to highlight your competencies and abilities.

Its very nature replaces the conventional job search and recruitment process by

giving professionals and employers direct contact, and featuring advanced job

search tools and useful company review features.

Furthermore, LinkedIn profiles usually affect prominent positions on Google, consequently providing not only visibility but also credibility for professionals. Work

smart and get noticed by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. You can succeed in

effectively managing your online presence, expanding your network, and grabbing

new career opportunities. This is possible in the digital age.