What is Presales, and Why Does it matter in the Sales Process?

  • Published on 07/03/2024

In today's technology-driven world, businesses are acquiring tech much faster than before. This increase in tech adoption rates has boosted B2B tech sales and given rise to a new technical sales field called presales. While regular sales handle the nontechnical aspects of a business deal, presales take care of the technical part.

So it goes without saying that presales are an essential element of the modern sales process. Since technical presales is a relatively new concept, many people wonder about this function. This article will explain what presales is and its importance in detail.

What Exactly is Presales?

As the name suggests, presales are heavily involved in the initial phase of the sales cycle. Someone in a presales position will be responsible for demonstrating the usefulness of a tech product to the client. A presales professional's ultimate goal is to ensure that the client understands the business value of the product.

A regular nontechnical sales role lacks in-depth technical knowledge about a technological product and its problem-solving ability. On the other hand, a presales person will have a technical background; therefore, they can better explain the importance of technology to potential leads.

Importance of presales in the sales process

B2B IT product sales are more complex than B2C or non-IT B2B sales. A lot more stakeholders are involved in a B2B IT sales process, not to mention the product may have to be customized to fit the client's needs.

Therefore, it is impossible to complete a B2B IT sales process without an effective presales team. Without any more delay, here are some reasons why presales are important in sales:

  • Help sell complex technologies: Technologies are getting increasingly complicated by the day. Modern B2B tech products require someone with deep technical knowledge to sell them.

A technical presales staff uses their advanced technical knowledge to give product demos and presentations that help buyers fully understand the product's capabilities.

  • Serve as a dedicated consultant to the buyer: Presales roles are often seen as a trusted consultant to the buyer during the early sales process. Without a dedicated presales role, the sales team would have to juggle traditional sales aspects, such as negotiations with technical aspects of the sales process.

However, having a dedicated team of presales experts allows your sales team to handle their core responsibilities much more effectively.

  • Provide correct solutions to the buyer: A major part of presales is understanding the buyer's business needs and providing the right solution to their problems. Without the advanced technical knowledge of presales professionals, it would be difficult for your sales team to understand the client's problem and provide the right solution.


So there you have it. Presales is, without a doubt, an important part of the IT sales process. Whether you are selling software or a physical product, as long as it involves B2B selling and has a complex technical aspect, you must rely on the technical knowledge of a presales team.