Top Remote PreSales Job Opportunities in Europe in 2024

  • Published on 01/03/2024

The tech industry has steadily grown throughout the past decade, growing by 5.5% last year. Tech companies need technical presales talent to acquire new clients and fuel their growth. Hiring remote presales people allows companies to quickly fulfill their workforce needs without requiring the workers to relocate.

If you have advanced technical knowledge and want to switch to a sales career, presale is a great option for you. There are plenty of remote presales opportunities in Europe in 2024 that you can avail of if you have the relevant technical expertise.

This article will list the types of remote presales jobs in Europe during 2024, so keep reading.

1. Presales consultant

A presales consultant job is one of Europe's most common presales jobs. B2B companies mostly offer this job opportunity, and this job title is also called a technical presales consultant.

Job description

Your job description as a presales consultant may include the following:

·   Delivering presentations about the technical aspects of the product

·   Collaborating with the sales team

·   Convincing customers to purchase upgrades or add ons

·   Conducting competitor research.

Average Salary


2. Presales engineer

Presales engineers is another exciting remote presales job opportunity available in Europe. As a presales engineer, you collaborate with senior sales managers to help sell tech products and services.

Job description

·   Communicate technical and business information to clients

·   Understanding client needs and building effective solutions

·   Help the sales team in achieving sales objectives

·   Organize product training sessions for clients

Average Salary


3. Presales Solutions Architect

If you have IT and sales skills, you can get into presales as a Solutions Architect. A Solutions Architect will not only be able to identify the problems faced by the clients but can also devise solutions to these problems.

Job description

·   Understanding customer problems and designing solutions around the pain points

·   Collaborate with the technical team during the product development phase

·   Ensure the quality of deliverables

·   Help in developing proposals and demonstrations for the solutions

·   Coming up with the right pricing for the solution

Average Salary


4. Bid manager

Bid managers handle direct customer communication and are responsible for identifying client requirements and responding to their queries. The knowledge acquired by the bid manager through effective communication with the client helps the rest of the team implement accurate solutions.

Job description

·   Engaging with all stakeholders, including the client and the in-house teams/departments

·   Putting together a biding team

·   Ensure all the responses from the team toward the prospects or clients are presented properly

·   Work alongside other team members to create presentations and demos

Average Salary



The remote job opportunities listed in this article are some of Europe's most easily available presales remote jobs. Remote options are ideal if you plan on switching from an IT career to sales to gain initial experience.

Now that you know the various available presales jobs, it is easy to understand that presales include more than just presale consultation. Presale is a broad field; you can even get into presales as a remote worker.