Presales Engineer vs Presales Consultant - what is the difference?

  • Published on 02/03/2024

Presales Engineers and Presales Consultants are both crucial roles in the B2B technology sales process. The job descriptions for both of these roles may often seem similar, so it is easy to confuse one role for the other. With that said, there are some clear differences between the two roles.

If you have plans for starting a career as either a Presales Engineer or Consultant, it is best to know how these two jobs compare. This article will explain all the major differences between these prominent presales roles, so read on.

Key Differences Between Presales Engineers and Presales Consultant roles

Both job roles involve working with B2B clients to provide technical assistance during the sales process. However, the way these roles participate in selling the products differs from one another. Below are the key differences between presales engineers and presales consultants:

The difference in responsibilities: Both roles hold unique duties in the presales team. A presales consultant has to provide technical assistance to the client and help them understand how the product may benefit their business goals.

On the other hand, the sales engineers serve as a bridge between the sales and technical teams. Their job is to ensure the solution is built according to the client's needs.

Skill requirements: Another major difference between the presales engineers and consultants is the skills they possess. While both roles require the person to have technical knowledge, the level of technical skills needed to be a presales engineer is generally higher. That is because the presales engineers are directly involved in the product development.

So while a presales consultant may only need enough technical skills to understand the functionalities and purpose of the product, a presales engineer needs to possess in-depth technical skills about the product being sold.

Their roles in the sales process: Apart from their roles, both presales engineers and consultants play a broader role in the sales process. Presales consultants are involved more directly in the sales process than presales engineers. That is because the consultants work as advisors to the customers and understand their needs. So, in general, a technical presales consultant will be more involved with the sales and marketing teams to sell a product.

On the other hand, presales engineers are more involved in the technical aspects of the sales process. They provide technical support throughout the sales process to the sales team and ensure customer satisfaction. Unlike presales, consultants whose role in the sales process ends with the deal's closing, presales engineers may continue to assist the client with implementation and troubleshooting even after the deal is closed.


So there you have it. While the roles of presales consultants and engineers may seem identical, they have distinct duties. Not to mention they contribute to the sales process using their specific skills.

So if you were planning on joining one of the two presales roles covered above but didn't know which is a better fit, this article will help you make an informed decision.