Five Reasons Why Sales or PreSales Careers are Still in Demand

  • Published on 09/03/2024

Sales and PreSales professionals are directly responsible for generating revenue for their companies. Without a dedicated salesforce, a business can get out-competed by competitors who understand the importance of sales and presales. So it goes without saying that a sales career is always in high demand regardless of the industry.

If you are planning a career in sales or technical presales and wondering if this career is in demand, then the short answer is yes. There are many reasons why sales are one of the most sought-after career paths you can take. This article will explain five reasons why sales or presales professions are still in demand, so keep reading.

1. Sales professionals convert leads

A major reason why sales professionals are in high demand is that they can convert leads into paying customers. Often prospects are aware of a product but aren't sure if it fits their needs. This scenario is especially true in B2B tech sales, where complex products require demos and explanations to close the deal.

A sales or presales professional with the right skill set and knowledge can convert warm leads. The key role of salespeople in lead conversion is the biggest contributing factor to the high demand for this career path.

2. Contribute to business growth

Growth relies heavily on a business's ability to build a loyal customer base. That is where the sales and presales professionals come into play. Salespeople contribute directly towards business growth by constantly creating and improving customer relations.

Salespeople use direct and indirect sales techniques to keep the customers coming back. At the same time, they explore new sales opportunities to sustain business growth.

3. Build a positive brand image

In the modern day and age, simply building a winning product and putting it out doesn't cut it. Every business has to develop a positive brand image to resonate with customers. Sales professionals are responsible for improving your business's credibility in the customers' eyes.

For example, many customers are interested in buying from businesses that use environmentally sustainable business practices. A company's sales force highlights a business's positive aspects (such as sustainability) to establish a positive brand image.

4. Good sales professionals are hard to find

Another reason sales careers are in high demand is that good sales professionals are difficult to come by. Not to mention hiring individuals for sales roles is a challenging task, and it is considered the second most difficult role to fill in an organization.

Since companies are always looking for new sales talent, it increases the demand for sales and presales careers.

5. They are the key communicators

Salespeople are the bridge between your business and the customers. Sales roles attain a deep understanding of the products or services and communicate this knowledge to customers.

For example, technical presales consultants possess technical and sales skills that allow them to communicate the product's features and capabilities. Every business needs sales personnel to serve as a dedicated point of contact between the company and customers. Therefore, salespeople are an integral part of the business process and will forever be in high demand.


Sales and presales careers are evolving rapidly with the introduction of new technology and business practices. However, the demand for this career is only expected to grow, and this article shows you exactly why.