5 Best Remote Entry-Level Sales Job Opportunities in Europe in 2024

  • Published on 03/03/2024

Are you planning on starting a sales career in 2024? There are many Junior sales job opportunities in Europe that you can avail to get started in sales. The great thing about entry-level sales jobs is that there are plenty of Junior sales jobs that you can do remotely.

We have compiled a list of 5 best remote junior sales jobs available in Europe in 2024.

Sales Development Representative

A sales development representative is a great entry-level sales job that you can do remotely. While a sales development rep doesn't make the actual sale, they play a key role in identifying potential customers and connecting them to other sales experts to close the deal.

There are plenty of remote SDR jobs in Europe where you have to make first contact with customers via phone and email instead of in-person meetings.

Call Center Representative

Call center representatives are considered one of the most common sales jobs globally. Here in Europe, call center representative positions get a salary, and they can also earn a commission for successful sales. So even though this remote position is a junior sales position, it can still help you make decent money.

As a call center representative, you are required to make and receive calls from potential customers remotely.

Software Sales Representative

Getting an entry-level job as a remote software sales representative in Europe is easy, thanks to the increased demand for SaaS products. A remote software sales representative's job is somewhat similar to that of a call center rep. You must communicate with clients via email or phone to answer their queries and inform them about your company's SaaS products.

While it is a junior sales job, some employers may require you to have a technical background for this job since it involves selling software.

Appointment Scheduler

Another lesser-known junior sales job is that of an appointment setter. The title of this entry-level job is pretty self-explanatory as it requires a person to schedule meetings remotely between the client and senior sales team members.

You don't need a specific qualification for this junior sales job; however, you need to be able to identify warm leads and schedule their meetings with the marketing team to increase sales.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager's role is considered one of the easiest junior sales jobs. Your duty as a social media manager for your employer would be to respond to queries from potential customers and persuade them to make a sale.

In addition, you may also have to create and post relevant content on your employer's social media platforms to attract more customers. This sales job can be done remotely and doesn't require an advanced degree.


Starting your career in sales can seem challenging at first. However, now that you know what junior-level sales jobs are available in Europe, you can quickly step into the sales world and gain experience.

The list of junior sales jobs we have complied with above are easy to find and come with a decent earning potential.